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IM & Rita

Posted by seanabrady on September 23, 2005

I am hooked up with GAIM using Google Talk/Jabber (  If you are sitting around in Houston or the surrounding areas, or just wondering whats going on with Rita give me a shout. 

It’s interesting to see how many people are driving around on the seawall in Galveston.  Channel 2 is out there showing us the waves and a bunch of people are driving by in the background.  The storm will likely miss Galveston, but they will still have hurricane force winds (CAT 1/2) and about a 6 foot storm surge.  Some people are crazy.


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The power of technology

Posted by seanabrady on September 23, 2005

Its pretty amazing how useful a Blackberry can be. Throughout the entire evacuation attempt, the preparations at home, and the waiting today, I have kept in contact with friends and co-workers with my Blackberry. Who knows how long service will last but for the time being it is very useful. The Internet has proved useful in a number of ways, from finding information to passing the time.

We can see some clouds on the horizon now, and the winds have started to pick up. We can hear the wind gusts now, I would guess they are nearing 10 miles an hour, maybe a bit less. The breeze is steady though, and we expect 3:00 to be the time when we see rain and a steady wind.

Reading the wind charts and estimates is pretty difficult. Most of the charts are generalizations for entire counties, so you sort of have to look at where you are, and what the wind is in both your county and nearby counties. We are still hoping to avoid any hurricane force winds and stay with a max wind, perhaps even gusts, of around 60.

I was outside about 30 minutes ago and realized that the large stakes they builder put in to keep my trees from falling over were still in the ground.  Looking around at all the other houses in the area I realized everyone else had pulled theirs up.  Out with the shovel to lever them out of the ground.  I turned off the sprinklers a couple days ago, and the ground was pretty dry so they came right up.  I think I really have everything put away now.  I think we are ready.

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Posted by seanabrady on September 23, 2005

Its getting a bit breezy here. It is now just after 11 am, and we are expecting tropical storm force winds in 4 – 6 hours. I posted a couple of pictures looking outside to the east. Its cloudy, its warm, and we now have a steady breeze. According to the weather service, with the current landfall projections, we should see winds topping out at 80 MPH in gusts, and a maximum of 60 mph sustained. You can see the estimated maximum winds by county in this graphic.

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We have water…

Posted by seanabrady on September 23, 2005

in coolers and bathtubs at least. We are really playing the waiting game now. We have about 95% of our prep work out of the way. A few more pre-hurricane prep pictures are up. Its really kind of a nice day out. A bit breezy and no where near as warm as it has been.

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Waiting to Wait

Posted by seanabrady on September 23, 2005

Its a little less than 24 hours to landfall, and by 3pm we are expecting at least tropical storm force winds.  We are finishing up our preparations this morning by filling the bathtubs, and some coolers with water.  We have about 5 gallons of water, plus a bunch of juice boxes to drink.  We have more drinking water just outside of the storm shelter.  I got up early this morning and prepped up some sandbags and put them out behind the house to prevent water getting in (our builder is apparently not real sharp on the grading scene).

We had considered traveling north overnight, and am so glad we did not.  Traffic is still bad going north on 45 to Dallas, and a recent bus fire near Dallas* has traffic backed up even more.  We had also considered going to a hotel a bit further inland (my work has some rooms there), but we decided that the trip was more of a risk than staying.

Right now I am expecting a maximum of 100 mph winds here.   All I have to go on is the counties numbers, but Brazoria county is huge.  the coastal areas may get stronger winds than here.  I am basically on the Brazoria, Fort Bend, Harris county lines.  The news is still reporting a possible shift back towards Galveston, but they are also predicting continued weakening.  The problem with the storm will be the massive size of the thing.  If things go well today and overnight tonight the storm will weaken to a 3, perhaps even a middle 3.  The worst winds we get may be today before landfall.

I guess I still need to rant about the traffic situation…hmmm, maybe another time.

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Posted by seanabrady on September 22, 2005

I was going to use my exisiting blog for news, but I happened to receive a invite today, and though this would be as good a place as any to post what I can about Hurricane Rita. I am in Pearland, TX, about 12 miles south of downtown Houston. I will post some details of our long day today when I get a chance.

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