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It may be messy

Posted by seanabrady on September 24, 2005

My subdivision is mostly under construction, and there is a lot of construction “stuff” lying about.  Fortunately, the builders did remove the majority of the items that were lying around.  One thing, well three things, that did not get removed were the portable toilets.  They have fallen over now, and I am sure that cannot be a pretty picture.

All of my trees are still standing, as are all of the trees around the neighborhood.  Of course, with new construction we don’t have many trees above 15 feet tall. 

Its windy, but tings don’t look to bad outside.


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4 am update

Posted by seanabrady on September 24, 2005

I just got up for the second time since about 10:30 or 11:00.  The first time I woke up, a couple hours ago, it was raining pretty good and we had some steady winds.  We had lost power around 1:30 or 2:00, but when I woke up it was already back on.  I got up, looked out the windows around the house, and all seemed well.  We have no noticeable debris around the house.

I just got up again, I think another band of the storm is coming through.  The wind sounds much stronger now, I would guess 30 is our current level with gust to around 50.  The rain has gone, it is just very very windy.  Still I don’t see much of anything flying around outside so that is good.  I can hear something rattling or maybe banging on the roof.  We may have a loose cap on one of our pipes/vents on the roof.

I see that Sabine Pass was the landfall point around 2:30, glad it is on shore and can begin to weaken.  They are reporting a couple of fires around the area, which are difficult to fight with the winds.   I have also heard that a building collapsed in Galveston.  They are reporting it is the Yaga (sp?) Cafe.  It looks like an entire wall collapsed.

Melissa and Iain are awake now.  He is having a midnight snack, and we are watching the news.  The wind has just dropped significantly…guess that feeder band has started to pass by.  Time to wait for the next one.  We are safe, the house seems fine, we will watch TV for a bit and then head back to bed again.  I may take a trip outside and look around quick.

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