Hurricanes from Houston

was \”Hurricane Rita from Pearland TX\”

Pearland Status

Posted by seanabrady on September 24, 2005

I have seen a couple of coments here relating to the conditions in Pearland. At this point we still have not left home other than to look around Shadow Creek Ranch. I have heard from someone that loves just east of Country Place and they tried calling there answering machine. It did not answer so they assumed no power. I have not heard of anything else yet. We will drive through at least the west part of town in Pearland, near 288, in the next few hours.

The following statement is on the City of Pearland website:

The City of Pearland Office of Emergency Management (EOC) is reporting very minimal damage from Hurricane Rita, based on a daybreak assessment conducted by City personnel.

As of today, no flooding was reported from the storm. A few neighborhoods reported sporadic power, which has also affected some traffic signals. Center Point Energy is asking citizens to avoid electrical conductors that may be lying in low areas.

Residents may return back to the city at anytime, as travel conditions outside of Pearland allow. Please tune in to the news in your area to make sure travel conditions are safe.
Call 281-652-1600 (the main number to City Hall) if you need to speak to someone.

People are starting to head home, the traffic is getting bad.  The mayor of Houston has asked people to stay away, but peple are not listening.  290 is already backed up…this could be pretty bad, again.


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