Hurricanes from Houston

was \”Hurricane Rita from Pearland TX\”

Wind, Wind, Wind

Posted by seanabrady on September 23, 2005

The wind is really starting to blow now. It is sustained I would guess twice as strong as it has been today. They are reporting that the winds for the storm are down to 120 mph. Cameron, LA seems to be the new target, and it would appear that many people have not left that area.

Lake Charles, where many Houstonians go to gamble, is reporting some flooding. They can withstand up to a 12 foot storm surge without major flooding. In fact many people evacuated from Houston to Lake Charles. According to the local sheriff those casinos have been closed and evacuated.

Beaumont looks to be getting hammered with wind and rain. It’s to early to say we are lucky, that we dodged a bullet, but to see what was slated to come here hit somewhere else is a relief for us, and unfortunate for those in the line of the storm.


One Response to “Wind, Wind, Wind”

  1. Julia said

    Keep blogging.. let us know how you are making out there. My brother and his family tried to evacuate from Pearland and had to turn around and go back.

    We will keep an eye on your blog.. Take care of your self and be very careful

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