Hurricanes from Houston

was \”Hurricane Rita from Pearland TX\”

Wind, sprinkles, and sleep

Posted by seanabrady on September 23, 2005

It is windy here. I think the frequent gusts are reaching 30 miles per hour. I live in Shadow Creek Ranch, which has a LOT of construction, and I am not seeing much debris flying around which is good. It has pretty much stopped raining. Every once and a while it will pick up for a few minutes, but then it dies quickly back down. I think tensions are pretty much relaxed at home, and my wife and son have gone to sleep, I am waiting to see if some of these bands make it here, and then I am going to bed also.

Channel 2 news is reporting that the dry air from Texas is being pulled into the storm. The dry air is causing the rain bands to weaken and dissipate before they get to this part of town. They predict it will continue. We have seen the power flicker once or twice, but otherwise we have had power the whole day and night.

It looks like the big news for Texas will be getting the 2.7 million people back into town. They are hoping to keep the schools and business closed a few extra days to allow people time to slowly return, but they still think traffic will be just as bad coming back as it was leaving. I am very glad the storm was not bad here…but I am VERY VERY VERY glad I didn’t spend any more time in traffic, and am very glad I don’t have to fight my way back.


One Response to “Wind, sprinkles, and sleep”

  1. Julia said

    I guess that traffic issue was due to the lessons learned in Katrina.. The planning for the evacuation of a major American City gives us all greater confidence that our Govt has a plan! What a mess, and what a dangerous situation. So many that wanted to leave were not able to.

    I doubt it will be as bad coming back in. I think people will trickle back! I would hope that who ever is in charge of all this logistical situation offers a plan and makes fuel available to those trying to return.

    I think keeping the businesses closed is a great idea though. Opening up those incoming lanes to outgoing traffic was a good idea, and was probably in a plan, but implemented late!

    Keep us updated.. I guess there is a big fire in Galveston right now. ! I saw load after load of exhausted evacuees in Austin today just sitting in parking lots today sleeping.

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