Hurricanes from Houston

was \”Hurricane Rita from Pearland TX\”

10 am Update

Posted by seanabrady on September 23, 2005

The newest numbers are in from the Hurricane Center.  The storm has not changed direction or speed, and the pressure is rising.  The Winds are down to 135 from 140.  The track seems to still put the storm on land in Chambers County to the east of Galveston by Port Arthur.  They are still predicting landfall around 5 am tomorrow, which means we are in for a long 18 to 24 hours.

The really good news is that it is looking more and more like it will be a CAT 3 storm when it hits.

 The update can be found at the NHC website.


One Response to “10 am Update”

  1. daysies said

    please stay safe! my best friend and her husband live in Pearland and they only made it to Cypress (near 290 and Skinner) yesterday afternoon (after traveling since 5 AM that morning)… you are brave for staying but i’ve been glued to the news and we’ll probably get that Cat 3 like Hurricane Alicia.

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