Hurricanes from Houston

was \”Hurricane Rita from Pearland TX\”

Evacuate…well maybe not

Posted by seanabrady on September 22, 2005

We had intended to evacuate. And, in fact, we did make an attempt. Lets jump back to 2:30 am this morning.

We woke up at 2:00am this morning with plans to move out from our house in Pearland, TX to a house we own just north of Dallas. The plan was to get up there, and ride out the storm. When we turned on the news however, we saw gridlock. It was taking people 9 and 10 hours to go 10 or 15 miles on interstate 45 north. We were traveling with 2 cars, 3 cats, and our 7 week old son. Sitting in traffic for that long with no way to stop, and with the potential of running out of gas was out of the question. After a bit of discussion we finished packing the cars to make out plans. A quick look at the map hatched a plan…drive south west and take back roads over to San Antonio and take the interstate from there to Dallas. We settled on that plan as a good one, they were not talking about our proposed route on the news so we figured it was not terribly busy…besides it was not an approved evacuation route.

We left home at 5:30ish this morning, and quickly drove across town to the west end of Sugar Land and the Missouri City area. Highway 6 was backed up, but seemed to be moving. It took us almost an hour to drive from FM 1042 to Hwy 59 on Hwy 6. Its about 3 or 4 miles I would guess. However, it was still dark, relatively cool and seemed to actually be moving fairly well. We crossed under 59 and thats when things went bad. It took use almost 2 additional hours to get from Hwy 59 to Hwy 90 on Hwy 6. About another 4 miles, maybe less. The sun was coming up and it was getting warm. The baby got hungry, and I ended up feeding him with my hand extended behind me trying to find his mouth with the bottle.

We made it to Hwy 90 eventually and we proceeded to wait another 2 hours getting to Hwy 99 on Hwy 90. We were basically in the area called New Territory south of Sugar Land (we used to live there). At this point we made the decision to pull off the road and feed and change the baby,get the cats some water and clean litter. About this time they announced the change in course for Rita from Galveston to Port Arther /Beaumont. With that in mind we decided to head home. I really believe that the cats in the baby were in more harm from staying on the road than from the hurricane. We retraced our path back through Sugar Land. It took us a bit over 5 hours to get to New Territory from where we first encountered a back up. It took us 9 minutes to get back on our way home.

We are home now and planning to ride out the storm in our kitchen pantry, thank goodness for big, walk in pantries. We have a plan to leave in the morning if the storm turns back this way and join some co-workers in a hotel further inland. We won’t be able to bring the cats though so may need to drop them with friends.

I will post my thoughts on the current traffic situation in and around Houston later.

In about 24 hours we will start to feel the tropical storm force winds.


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  1. Good Luck! Hope you guys make it okay!

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